100-320W AC/DC enclosed power supply LMFxx-23Bxx in 305RAC family, reliable under all conditions

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The LMFxx-23Bxx series of enclosed power supply launched by MORNSUN, can be used not only in the normal operating conditions, but also in applications with higher requirements for input voltage, temperature, humidity, altitude, and electromagnetic interference for long time. The input voltage range is as wide as 85-305VAC, so it is reliable for long time when the voltage exceeds 264VAC due to power grid fluctuations or some operation conditions such as generators. And the power range covers 100, 150, 200, 320W. At the same time, it has the advantages of isolation voltage as high as 4000VAC and high PF (power factor) of 0.95. It accepts AC or DC input, and meets UL62368, EN62368, CB62368 and GB4943certification standards.

Main Challenging Condition:

Voltage Fluctuation

The input voltage range is 85-305VAC/100-430VDC, which solves the three major shortcomings of conventional 85-264VAC input products:

1,The universal input voltage of 85-305VAC covers the standard voltage of 110/220/277VAC.)

2, It solves the power failure caused by voltage fluctuations in grid power distribution or generator.

3, It can also work normally under the transient high input voltage (the input voltage exceeds 264VAC when the device is turned on or turned off).

High Altitude

It meets the 5000m altitude application requirement, and the product has passed high/low temperature altitude test, long-term aging test, etc.


1,  EMI meets CLASS B reducing harm to the human body and interference to other equipment;

2,  Surge immunity is up to 4KV, strong anti-interference ability is suitable for harsh environment applications.

High/Low Temperature

Wide operating temperature range is -30℃ to +70℃. The product can still work at full load and has a strong start-up ability while at low temperature of -30℃ ; when it is running at 70℃, the temperature rise of product components is low and the service life is long.

In order to meet the diversified application requirement, MORNSUN has simultaneously launched extended models:

LMFxx-23Bxx-Q: It has three-proof paint process, and features excellent insulation, multiple resistance of moisture, leakage, vibration, dust, corrosion, aging, corona and other properties, which is suitable for harsh industrial environments.

LMFxx-23Bxx-C:  It has terminal cover that can prevent the human from touching the terminal by mistake.



It is widely used in industrial automation equipment, control systems, electromechanical equipment, instrumentation, smart building, household appliances and other terminal products.

305VAC Input 100-320W LMFxx-23Bxx with PFC for All Challenging Conditions.jpg


●     Universal input voltage: 85 - 305VAC/100 - 430VDC

●     Operating temperature range: -30℃ to +70℃

     Built-in active PFC function: PF of 0.95/230VAC

     I/O isolation voltage: 4000VAC

     Regulated output, low ripple and noise and standby power consumption

●     Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature protections

●     Safety according to IEC/EN/UL62368, GB4943 (Pending)

●     EMI meet CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B

●     Withstand 5G vibration test

●     Operating altitude up to 5000m

●     Three-proof customization is acceptable

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Power(W) Vin(VAC) Vin(VDC) Vout(VDC) Iout Efficiency(%) Isolation Footprint & 3D Markings Datasheet Sample Buy
LMF100-23B12 102 85-305 120-430 12 8.5A 85 4000VAC
LMF100-23B15 100.5 85-305 120-430 15 6.7A 86 4000VAC
LMF100-23B24 100.8 85-305 120-430 24 4.2A 86 4000VAC
LMF100-23B48 100.8 85-305 120-430 48 2.1A 87 4000VAC
LMF150-23B12 150 85-305 120-430 12 12.5A 85.5 4000VAC
LMF150-23B15 150 85-305 120-430 15 10A 86 4000VAC
LMF150-23B24 151.2 85-305 120-430 24 6.3A 87 4000VAC
LMF150-23B48 153.6 85-305 120-430 48 3.2A 88 4000VAC
LMF200-23B12 200.4 85-305 120-430 12 16.7A 88 4000VAC
LMF200-23B15 201 85-305 120-430 15 13.4A 88 4000VAC
LMF200-23B24 201.6 85-305 120-430 24 8.4A 90 4000VAC
LMF200-23B36 201.6 85-305 120-430 36 5.6A 89 4000VAC
LMF200-23B48 201.6 85-305 120-430 48 4.2A 89 4000VAC
LMF320-23B04 240 85-305 120-430 4 60A 83 4000VAC
LMF320-23B05 300 85-305 120-430 5 60A 84 4000VAC
LMF320-23B12 320.4 85-305 120-430 12 26.7A 86.5 4000VAC
LMF320-23B15 321 85-305 120-430 15 21.4A 89 4000VAC
LMF320-23B24 321.6 85-305 120-430 24 13.4A 88.5 4000VAC
LMF320-23B27 321.3 85-305 120-430 27 11.9A 88 4000VAC
LMF320-23B48 321.6 85-305 120-430 48 6.7A 89 4000VAC

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